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Lucia Cadotsch

Born in Zürich, Switzerland.
Singer / Composer / Lyricist based in Berlin.
The newspaper DIE ZEIT recognizes in the native Swiss singer one of the most important voices "for the resurrection of jazz melody beyond tired scripts and singer-songwriter clichés." Originally from Zürich, now living in Berlin, Cadotsch recorded three albums with the musical collective, Schneeweiss + Rosenrot. They won the New German Jazz Award in 2012 and played festivals and clubs all over Europe. With SCHNEEWEISS + ROSENROT she has been crossing musical borders and continuously creating new music for ten years. The band joined forces in an attempt to create a platform free from preconceived ideas of what jazz music should be or not. In 2015 she founded a new acoustic trio: LUCIA CADOTSCH SPEAK LOW with Petter Eldh on double bass and Otis Sandsjö on tenor saxophone. Where Lucia goes back to her roots, singing a captivating beautiful collection of modern classics, like Gloomy Sunday, Strange Fruit and Moon River. Their versions carry the unmistakable stamp of Berlin 2016. Acoustic retro-futurism. The Art of keeping it simple and raw. SPEAK LOW- their debut album will be released on February 26th, 2016 on enja/yellowbird records.

Featured as a guest, she can be heard with the Georg Graewe Orchestra and is collaborating with musicians such as Rainer Böhm, Kathrin Pechlof, Christian Weidner, Johannes Lauer, Phil Donkin, Don Philippe (Freundeskreis), Dan Freeman and the Artist Paul Polaris.