China Moses - Nightintales


China Moses - Nightintales

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China Moses - Nightintales

They say the night conceals many stories. China Moses is the narrator of the night; her new album "Nightintales" shines a fascinating light on her journey through night time's terrain. She conjures up images and moods with her warm, astonishingly flexible alto voice, as figures and places take shape in the listener's imagination. Eleven expressive songs recount the intoxication of love ("Hungover") and its bitter ending ("Whatever"), of vices ("Nicotine") and passions ("Put It On The Line"), of awakenings and courage ("Running"). It's a sparkling kaleidoscope that blends jazz, soul, R&B, blues and pop into a multi-faceted whole. Her 2008 debut album "This One's For Dinah," a tribute to the legendary Dinah Washington, established China Moses as a major voice. Now recognized as a jazz and soul diva with her own style, Moses has no need to hide behind her idol. On her new album "Nightintales", China sings her own compositions. Chapeau! For the listener, many a pleasurable evening enjoying this rich, multi-hued jewel of an album lie ahead. 


China Moses

But who is this woman with the mysterious name China Moses? She is the daughter of jazz singer and multiple Grammy award winner Dee Dee Bridgewater. Her father was the legendary theater, film and television director Gilbert Moses. So the apple didn't fall so far from the tree. Music has played an important role in her life, as well as acting, as her concerts prove. China Moses dared to take her first steps as a singer while still a teenager (the video clip of her first single, "Time" (1996) on YouTube is well worth watching!). In 1997 she released her debut album, "China", which included a guest appearance by hip hop legend GURU. With two more acclaimed albums as well as numerous feature engagements, she has established herself as a much-sought-after vocalist in the emerging R&B scene of her chosen home town, Paris. She also worked as a presenter on MTV France. The international breakthrough came in 2008 with the jazz album "This One's For Dinah" (2008), a declaration of love for her musical idol Dinah Washington, in collaboration with the French pianist Raphaël Lemonnier. 2012 followed with "Crazy Blues", another mix of jazz, blues and pop hits. Suddenly, China was thought of as a singer of jazz and blues standards. With "Nightintales" China proves she can do more. For the first time, her own songs are in the spotlight. China pushes aside the aggravation of record companies and producers, of recording dates limited to music that was not of her own choosing; On "Nightintales", China Moses demonstrates for the first time what she is really made of. In times of radical changes, this power-woman takes her stand.