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Dear reader!

We, from HEART BEAT & SOUL, are seeing our work as kind of amplifier for the good things in life. Of course "good" is a matter of opinion, but if you describe it with quality or something special, then you come to the point of what we are promoting or work for. But first and foremost our heart should beat for the music, brand or event.

On the one hand we do promotion for Indie, Jazz, Urban, Pop, Funk, Soul, World, Mestizo and Singer-Songwriter bands mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On the other hand we do marketing and consulting for labels, artists, festivals, initiatives and lifestyle brands. Since 2014 we also covering worldwide territory with focus on USA and the European region promoting a selected amount of artists.
In general our media partners span from online blogs, lifestyle-magazines or special interest magazines, to TV shows and broadcasting stations, selected after the chosen task.

our portfolio:
- Media promotion experience since 2004 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
- Since 2014 worldwide promotion (Jazz, Funk, Soul music) with focus on Europe and USA, CA
- TV-promotion, print-promotion, radio-promotion (no single plugging), online-promotion
- Handling of cooperation requests
- Interview maintenance and coordination
- more then 3500 media contacts in our pool
- international Jazz Pr (mainly USA and Europe)
- Facebook and Google marketing for bands, festivals

If you have questions regarding our services, prices or our network, pick up your phone and call us +49(0)40. 88 172 88-5 or drop us a line

Hanns-Christian Gerth



responsible for Label Management (NWOG Records), #TourPromotion GSA, Instagram and Twitter, plus #FemaleEmpowerment, #FemaleNetworking (www.raketerei.com)
Contact: im (ääät) heartbeatandsoul.com || Telephone: +49 (0)40. 88 172 88-6

responsible for #internationalJazzPromotion, #webdevelopment (http://steffen-mayer.com/)
Contact: sma (ääät) heartbeatandsoul.com || Telephone: +49 (0)40. 88 172 88-6

responsible for #albumpromotion, #jazzPR, #musicPR, #digitalsalesstrategies, #onlinemarketing, music & brand promotion and #facebookmarketing
Contact: hola (ääät) heartbeatandsoul.com || Telephone: +49 (0)40. 88 172 88-5