Arne Jansen & Stephan Braun - Going Home


Arne Jansen & Stephan Braun - Going Home

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Arne Jansen & Stephan Braun - Going Home

Arne Jansen’s musical path as a guitarist is characterised by diversity. He is to be heard in various colleagues and bands including Nils Wülker, Jazzanova, Anders Jormin, David Helbock & Sebastian Studnitzky and even the Senegalese Orchestra Baobab. The Süddeutsche Zeitung proclaimed him to be “one of the best and most versatile German guitarists” (Oct 6th 2021).

Now he has been urged by none other than Pat Metheny to return to his own musical roots. So in recent years Arne Jansen set out to explore the lasting sound impressions of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits. With full dedication the 47-year-old musician has immersed himself in the treasury of songs by Mark Knopfler, focusing on the melodic lines of the famous rock musician.

From the earliest days of the project Arne Jansen had his friend Stephan Braun in his mind, who had already made a name for himself internationally as a virtuosic cellist for Melody Gardot. Stephan is also an experienced classical cellist and has been exploring new musical territories for many years with his project “Deep Strings”.

The two musicians were excited by the concept of a duo-approach to the work of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits. The following recording sessions were characterised by an acoustic and very intimate mood. With his guitar Arne Jansen sings Knopfler's melodies and Stephan Braun surprises again and again on the cello with never-before-heard grooves and loops.

In preparation for live performance, however, the playing of these two top instrumentalists has developed in energy and intensity. The jazz context was expanded, sound and energy gained the upper hand. In individual songs the dynamics range from those of chamber music to stormy rock-loops. The two learned to surrender to the flow of the classic songs and to work out an incredible variety of sound shadings, considering this is just a duo. And the listener will be delighted upon recognising “Brothers in Arms” or “Sultans of Swing”.
Jazz-Rock was at its height in the seventies, but these two top musicians, with their Knopfler /Dire Straits-arrangements write a truly new chapter in the meeting of jazz and rock. And they are to be heard and experienced live now.