Melody EP feat. Natasha Young (Ensemble Du Verre)


Melody EP feat. Natasha Young (Ensemble Du Verre)

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Melody EP feat. Natasha Young (Ensemble Du Verre)

Ensemble Du Verre

Ensemble Du Verre” (E.D.V.) was brought to life by composer, producer and drummer Sönke Düwer in 2003. Since then a series of albums and ep’s have been released and many songs have appeared on compilations.

The first E.D.V. album, “Facing, Transparent” was released in 2004. Comprehensive stylistics and electronics characterized the individual sound even then. Promoting this album, E.D.V. performed show after show and went on tour as support for Bugge Wesseltoft in Germany in May 2004.

The following year “Sing Me Something” was published. International singers like Sidsel Endresen, Ursula Rucker and Torun Eriksen recorded songs for this album and “Sing Me Something” was selected Cd Of The Year 2005 on Arte Online.

In 2008 Sönke Düwer founded his own label “Batterie” on which “Sanctuary For Animals” was released in the same year. This album received the “Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik” (German Record Critics’ Award). Ursula Rucker appeared on the album again. This poetry icon from Philadelphia recorded “Just Another Thursday Morning” in return for Düwer producing the song “Uh, Uh” for her album “Ma´ At Mama”. The music on “Sanctuary For Animals” speaks of a soundtrack in a mixture of jazz, samples and electronica.

Remixed” was published in 2008 as well. Six remixes from “Sanctuary For Animals” cut in vinyl. All of which belong to the contemporary club-music section, amongst others works by Volker Meitz (Sonarkollektiv Orchester) and Stefan Rogall (i.e. Nylon).

In 2010 the sampler “Versions, Vibes & Remixes” was released. The ten songs are in large part remixes of older works. Almost on his own Sönke Düwer recorded all instruments including the Fender Rhodes, drums and bass. “Energie Du Verre“, a beat-oriented offshoot of E.D.V. pioneered in this cd series in 2009.

Last, the fifth album of E.D.V., “The Contemporary Cowboy“ was released in October 2011. This album manifested the individual sound of Sönke Düwer. The album was voted Cd Of The Week by NDR (North German Broadcasting) in 2011.

If one would be forced to describe the current album “The Light Gets In“ it would be said it is an opulent collection of terms which assemble: Spiritual Jazz / Alice Coltrane / Soul / Vocals / Electronic Beats / Hip Hop / Clouds / Downtempo / Grime / Bass / House / African Soul / and many more.