Label: Favorite Recordings


Label: Favorite Recordings

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Label: Favorite Recordings

Every project undertaken by Favorite Recordings is done so with artistic integrity, high quality production and great music in mind. Favorite Recordings holds a strong tie to the traditional way of producing and making music.

The story begins in 1996 under the name Rotax Disques and under the leadership of Pascal Rioux. Passionate about Soul, Funk, Jazz and other Groove music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, Pascal is naturally and quickly attracted by the beginnings of the House and Garage movement from Chicago and Detroit.
Surrounded by many performers from Lyon like Mr Day or Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart, he quickly starts producing a few gems in the genre, positioning himself as a precursor in France, where the House and Deep House scene is still stammering at the time. Rather than prospect with the few existing labels, he decides to release these first recordings on his own label, Rotax Disques.

Immediately, the label meets success and international recognition and after nearly 25 releases, Pascal clearly feels the need to broaden the scope of the label in order to address the creative emulation that emerges around the Rotax inprint and the growing number of artists and projects that come his way.
So in 2006 he launched a new label, Favorite Recordings, following a random meeting with producer Ron Foster during a trip to Philadelphia for the "Soul Patrol" Convention. For the anecdote, he will also meet there artists such as Gene Chandler, Barbara Mayson or the legendary group Mandrill, but it's with Ron and one of its forgotten artists, Lee McDonald, that the Favorite adventure will begin.  ... (read more in the press material provided below)