Black Wax - 5 Reissues

A dinosaur which seems not to exstiguish! No, it's not the coelacanth, I'm talking about the black wax, which is becoming actually for a lot of young Hipsters and music lovers a clear statement for high music sound quality, slow movement and a haptical feeling, against our currently growing digital world, full of Tweets, Likes and QR-Codes! The french music label Favorite Recordings is doing its own way besides this new "trend" for decades and building worldwide a strong fan community. Since 1996 Pascal Rioux founded the Rotax Disques Label later named into Favorite Recordings. Their main focus was to build a strong sound quality rooted in handcrafted good Soul, Funk any kind of Groove music the old school way, while always taking a step forward towards the freshest sound around. Actual albums from different genres like HipHop, Reggae and Soul releases like The Funk League, The Dynamics or Mr. Day to name a few, show this compelling sound philosophy very clearly. But the Label is not only paying a homage to the genre ancestors in a logical sound development of their music, but also in releasing rare Funk, Soul, Afrobeat stuff on Vinyl, like Lee McDonald "Sweet", Stephan Ray Oche & His Matumbo "No Discrimination", The Melton Brothers "Livin' in the City", Human Egg "Human Egg" or the Single "Stand On The Word" of The Joubert Singers. All Vinyl reissues will be released in 180g Vinyl via Indigo (Germany) and will be available in end of June 2012.

here a teaser for the:

"Taste the piano!"