Kaos Protokoll

Kaos Protokoll is a Swiss Electronically inflected Punk Jazz trio consisting of Benedikt Wieland (bass & electronics), Mark Stucki (sax, melodica, fx), and Flo Reichle (drums & electronics). The band was formed in 2010 under the banner of "no concept as concept." Their first official live appearance was at the JazzWerkstatt, in early 2011, where they left their audience dumfounded and enraptured. An extensive tour of Germany followed shortly after, during which the band created the sound protocol for their debut LP, entitled Quick & Dirty, which was released in 2012 by WerkStattRecords, the in-house label of JazzWerkstatt.

The band has been on tour ever since – playing in Germany, Austria, Ukraine, France, Italy, Russia, and their native Switzerland. They appeared at the prestigious Cully Jazz Festival, Jazz Bez Festival, Jazzmeile, and Jazz Contre Band Festival to name a few. In summer 2015, they entered the studio again, this time under the guidance of composer-pianist Django Bates, and recorded their sophomore record entitled Questclamationmarks. Their future is being written as you read this.